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It's a Great Day to be an Indian!

  • Adair County Resource Grant

    November 29, 2016


                Adair County Resource Center was awarded a $1000 grant for their backpack program for Stilwell Public Schools from Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Foundation.  Sodexo has been providing the Food Service for Stilwell Schools since the 2013/14 school year and this is the first year that we have received this grant.    In April Sodexo with Stilwell Public Schools will also be having a canned food drive and a 5K run/walk to do our part to Help Stop Hunger in our community.   Student Well-being is Sodexo’s top priority when it comes to the schools and communities that we serve. 


    Rebecca Atwell

    GM for Sodexo/Stilwell Public Schools

    Food Service















    Inserted Image  Inserted Image

    Inserted Image

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  • Stilwell High School Honor Choir

    By: Lauren Isaacs and Ashley Isaacs

    Stilwell High School Choir

    The Stilwell High School Choir is doing great things! Recently, seniors Chelsey Rock and Bode Shackelford performed with the Oklahoma Eastern District Honor Choir, as well as 6 middle school students. Miss Chelsey Rock is now one of only two 7 year recipients of this award from Stilwell High School!


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  • 2016-2017 Basketball Schedule





    DATE            OPPONENT                    HOME/AWAY        TIME


                Dec. 3            Tahl. Seq. w / both JV       Away            6:00

                Dec. 6            Keys JV (tbd)                     Home            6:30

                Dec. 8-10        Hilldale Tourn.                    Away            TBA

    Dec. 13        *Sallisaw w / both JV                Home            6:30

    Dec. 16        *Muldrow w / boys JV               Home            6:30

    Jan. 5-7        Beggs Tourn.                     Away            TBA

    Jan. 10            *Roland w / both JV              Away            6:30

    Jan. 13            *Spiro boys JV                    Away            6:30

    Jan. 14            Okmulgee no JV                    Home            4:30

    Jan. 16-21        Fort Gibson Tourn.             Away            TBA

    Jan. 24            *Poteau (Freshman play @ 4:00)        Away            6:30

    Jan. 27            *Sallisaw w / both JV             Away            6:30

    Jan. 31            *Muldrow w / girls JV             Away            6:30

    Feb. 3            *Roland w / both JV                Home            6:30

    Feb. 7            *Spiro boys JV                 Home            6:30

    Feb. 10        *Poteau (Freshman play @ 4:00)   Home            6:30

    Feb. 13        Okmulgee no JV                Away            6:00


    Feb. 17-18        District Tournament             TBA            6:30

    Feb. 23-25        Regional Tournament          TBA            TBA

    Mar. 2-4        Area Tournament                 TBA            TBA

    Mar. 9-11        State Tournament                 TBA            TBA


        * NOAA Conf. game


    Note:  Varsity games start at 6:30 for the girls and 8:00 for the boys unless otherwise indicated.  Both boys and girls JV games will be played each night unless the opponent is unable to play.  JV games will start at 4/5 and are subject to time change or being canceled.







    DATE            OPPONENT            HOME/AWAY        TIME


        Nov. 7-12        Seq. Tournament                Away            TBA

        Nov. 14-19        Siloam Springs Tourn.            Away            TBA

        Nov. 28        Muldrow                    Home            5:30

        Dec. 5        Tahl. Seq.                     Away            5:00

        Dec. 12         Sallisaw                    Home            5:30

        Dec. 14          FTG                        Home            1:00

        Dec. 15         Muldrow                    Away            5:30

        Jan. 9             Roland                    Home            5:30

        Jan. 11         FTG                        Away            1:00

        Jan. 12        Westville                    Home            5:00

        Jan. 23        Westville                    Away            5:00

        Jan.24         Poteau                    Away            4:00

        Jan. 26         Sallisaw                    Away            5:30

        Feb. 2         Roland                    Away            5:30

        Feb. 6        Tahl. Seq.                    Home            5:00

        Feb. 10         Poteau                    Home            4:00


    Games are subject to time change or being canceled.




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